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Video Contest: $50 Prize

This game uses a unique animation system, so amazing or hilarious events can occur. If you want to capture the moment, record your gaming sessions. Then edit it down to the interesting part, and send it to us in any standard video format like AVI.
Whenever we receive enough submissions, we'll choose and post the best trick, with your name, on this page. Then we will Paypal ( to paid licensed customers only) the winner a $50 prize.
Skillful or improbable action sequences, tricks, or acrobatic motions will be considered. We are most interested in amazing strikes: throwing your sword from a hilltop and chopping off the enemy's head, spinning arial stabs and kicks, one legged jumps, that sort of thing...funny deaths are accepted as well.

Send your videos in a file under 20 MB, to

Or, better, if you know how to upload your vids to YouTube, just email us the link.

How To Record Your Sessions

We recommend capturing part of your display with video capture software every time you play. You never know when something funny will happen. Another option is to point a camera at your monitor, via any digital camcorder or decent camera phone. Have a friend hold it or use a stand to hold the camera.

We have found this free product works well, and it is used for the videos we've posted:

For a good frame rate, select a rectangle about 800 x 600 pixels, and use the "Disable Aero" option.
This product includes a video editor called Video Pad that you can use to cut out the boring parts.

If you want to add your commentary or include the sound. Checking Options->Capture sound from speaker.

Other than that issue, its a great free product.

It usually takes at least a few hours to get good mashing with the controls, then show off your skills, and get yourself paid for wasting your time playing Kontrol when you should be outside playing real sports and having real adventures like Namiad does.

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