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Puppet Army Faction is an independent game developing company dedicated to providing a unique interactive experience for your entertainment. Originally founded in Los Angeles, California, we now have several operatives at various points on the globe. Check back to our home page frequently for new builds and your comments are welcome.


Damian Hallbauer       Mad Scientist ( Programming, Animation, Concept, Sound, Graphics, Marketing, Management, Financing)

Indonesian Developers:

Suhendrad Ahmad       Full Stack Developer, Custom Tools, Physics Engines, Architecure
Dwy Cahyono                 Chief Gameplay Developer, AI Implementation, Graphics

Operatives in Liverpool, United Kingdom:

Marc St Angelo         Marketing Research, Associate Producer
Bonnie Barstow         Writing and localization

Support the project by preordering "Kontrol: Episode One"

This experimental game project has been self-funded for several years, and the pieces are just now starting to come together. Please help us deliver a the best possible first release of Kontrol by buying your unlimited play token now. You will immediately be emailed a token link to the latest playable full build, which provides swordplay with several more levels and unlimited replays. This token will also be a valid license to play the 1.0 release, planned for 2014. Considering how much time and money has already been invested, the price point will probably go up, so get yours soon if you see the potential that we do.

We are developing new levels, creatures with interesting behaviors and smarter brains, inventing new devices and vehicles, and working to provide a more stable framerate and better automatic creature balancing. As the licensed user base grows, we can employ more musicians, engineers, animators, and level designers. If you have any opinions, suggestions for changes, or feature requests, don't hesitate to post on our facebook wall at Facebook/PuppetArmyFaction, or send us an email.

We are a small group of content pushers so we can post a new package as soon as there are some features, fixes, or new levels available. This happens usually every one to three weeks, so check back often and spread the word. User comments and feedback will be taken into account as we adjust the gameplay. The team and the 2D universe would like to grow and we are looking at CV's and fund-raising opportunies.


For providing the open source which has formed the foundation of our custom physics engine, special thanks to Erin Catto for Box2d, and to Jeff Weber and Ian Qvist for coordinating the Silverlight Farseer Physics Engine.

The 2D universe concept was inspired by A. K. Dewney's classic novel: The Planiverse

Some sound content was derived from:
"The Conet Project" (The Conet Project) / CC BY 3.0





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